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Hello everyone, welcome to our PayPal donation page. this web site began in October of 1999 as a volunteer project. Now it's grown so much bigger providing dynamic up-to-date content. With the growth in size, we now have several moderators and administrators to help administer this site. I thank GOD for you and everyone that dedicate their time into making this a success for all. This site has never used the method of advertisements to continue it's operations. We intend to keep it Ad free! We have 2 donation options for you to choose from. Feel free to donate whatever amount you'd like. Every little bit counts, and GOD will bless you tremendously to continue his work. For those of you that are away, and would like to pay your tithes online, feel free to use this method. Thank you and have a wonderful day. -Webmaster-

Church of God 7th Day
St. Croix - US Virgin Islands

Donate to help continue the research and development of this site, and continuing development. We recently purchased a new video server to help stream our LIVE broadcasts and archives to mobile and tablet devices. We also upgraded our databse to handle social media, additional user-linked videos and audio files.

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Mt. Zion Church of God 7th Day
In Him Ministries - New York, USA

Donate to help continue the mailings of the free booklets. Located at our branch in Brooklyn, NY - USA, In Him Ministries have grown with this site, providing free literature to over 60 different countries. Your donations will go to help reach others in various countries to have have printed materials in hand for study and worship.

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